• Target is 3/8" x 10" AR500 steel.

  • This Target has a print on one side.

  • The print is ment for benchrest long range shooting. 

  • This target can be used with rifle or pistol rounds, check our Target Reference & User Guide for more info.

  • Hang with chain from a stand hooked to each hole. Find a stand here

  • Made in the U.S.A.


-NEVER set targets closer than the minimum distance

-NEVER set targets near any other structures or items that could be damaged

-NEVER use special rounds, ie Armor Piercing, Incendiary, etc.

-ALWAYS use proper hearing and eye protection, regardless of if you are the shooter or a bystander watching, and have a proper back-stop in place to catch bullets and debris.


These targets are laser cut for superior edge quality and a minimal heat affected zone. Where wear resistance is critical.  We minimize the heat affected zone with water assisted cutting. All three of our Amada lasers are outfitted with WACS, and any time we are cutting AR500 or AR550 we utilize this process.


PlinkTarget.com or Elemet LLC will not be responsible for any injuries incurred while using our targets or supplies. Always be on the side of caution and follow these tips on the Target Reference & User GuideProduct may come with marks or scratch's, we hope you don't mind beause your probably going to shoot at it anyways.

3/8'' x 10" 600 Yard Benchrest Printed One Sided AR500 Steel Target

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