Build your own stand!


Just go to your local hardware store.

Buy 1/2" Schedule 40 pipe or any other pipe that fits our A-Frame Stand Brackets.

(Buy 4 pipes for the legs, and 1pipe for the cross bar.)

Your good to go!


This listing includes 


(2) AR400 1/4" A-Frame Stand Brackets

(2) AR500 Steel 3/8" Target Hanging Hooks


If you want a stand that as sterdy as ours, we use 1/2" Schedule 40 pipe. (A Frame Brackets are 1/2 thick)


  • Made in the U.S.A.


-NEVER set targets closer than the minimum distance

-NEVER set targets near any other structures or items that could be damaged

-NEVER use special rounds, ie Armor Piercing, Incendiary, etc.

-ALWAYS use proper hearing and eye protection, regardless of if you are the shooter or a bystander watching, and have a proper back-stop in place to catch bullets and debris.


The last picture is an example of a completed stand.

Do It Yourself Kit 2 Target Stand Builder

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$45.99Sale Price