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Also get a 3/8x4" steel target for free when you purchase this Stand!


Our target stand is designed to be a portable, cost effective solution for hanging our targets.  It requires no tools to set up, and when broken down, fits easily in your trunk, SUV or truck.  Each stand has everything you need to hang one target.  Additional hooks and collars are available for purchase that will allow multiple targets to be hung from a single stand.

Each kit consists of:

  • 5pcs of ½” Schedule 40 black pipe x 50” long. All identical, four serve as the legs, and one as the cross bar
  • 5 clamping collars with 5/16” thumb screws. These keep the A-Frames and target hooks from working themselves loose, or “walking” across the cross bar.
  • 2 A-frame brackets. Laser cut from ¼” AR500 10-3/8” x 7-9/32”. These support the legs and the cross bar.
  • 2 target Hanging Hooks. Laser cut from 3/8” AR500 1-3/4” x 12-3/4”.  They are compatible with all of's Steel Target's


Assembled dimensions: 

Approximately 45” high x 56” deep x 70” wide.  Depth and width measured at ground level.

Weight = 25 lbs or Elemet LLC will not be responsible for any injuries incurred while using our targets or supplies.Always be on the side of caution and follow these tips on the Target Reference & User Guide. Product may come with marks or scratch's, we hope you don't mind beause your probably going to shoot at it anyways.

50" Long Target Stand + FREE 3/8x4" Steel Target

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